Copylicious is me, David Warner.

I build habitats.

For a few select clients, I also advise on messaging and positioning, write copy, and keep good, well-intentioned words from going into bad places.about copylicious

I believe the way you feel when you write influences what you write. This is why I make time each day to dance, do nothing, meditate, and otherwise goof off.

My client results directly correlate to how much time I spent mindfully doing nothing in the face of a deadline. Other notable accomplishments include:

  • Raising $5,000 from personal donations in less than 3 months for my participation in the California AIDS Lifecycle, a 7-day, 485-mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.
  • Being featured in Psychology Today for my groundbreaking advice to introverts on how to leave a party early.
  • Winning a dance contest at a teacher’s convention at the Marriott.
  • Securing and maintaining the #1 position in Google for the term “douche-free bio.”
  • Structuring and developing curriculum for teaching English as a Foreign Language in Guinea for the Peace Corps, where I taught three classes of more than 100 high school students each.
  • Creating a six-figure business from scratch in less than 1 year, with no previous business connections. Then letting go of the numbers so I could build something even better.
  • Helping a client structure and win a $20,000 proposal for her first client, after guiding her through the process of becoming a recognized speaker in her field.
  • Volunteering at a crisis counseling and suicide hotline for 1 year.
  • Being featured in Businessweek.
  • Helping Hewlett-Packard promote sustainability to its employees
  • Generating leads for SunPower and helping major utilities drive enrolment in renewable energy programs.
  • Contributing to award-winning work. While they were my client, a sustainability consulting firm won the Renewable Energy Marketer of the Year Award for 2 consecutive years. A client won a Silver Quill Excellence Award and an Hermes Creative Gold Award for projects I contributed to.

I was gifted with a handful of natural abilities at a young age: Kickball, sprinting, tennis, and remaining completely absorbed in a book while someone is talking to me.

Everything else came by practice.

I believe anyone can write—but that we don’t need to write to create content—especially if another activity feels better. We can talk, interview, answer questions, mindmap, draw, sing along, eavesdrop, probe, repurpose, react, and do any number of things besides face off against a blank page.

To prove the theory of feeling good, I am working on an infographic of sentences written throughout my life, corresponding to my general feelings about life at the time.

I have a complicated relationship with blank pages.

And yet, I am unable to resist filling them up with nonsense.

I long to be understood and deeply appreciated by everyone I meet, and to reciprocate by inviting them to my slumber party.